Jean-Claude MARA Jean-Claude MARA

Jean-Claude MARAInternational Panpipes Concert Player

"Whoever has once heard the French panpipes player, with wide open ears and heart, will never forget the suggestive power of his music". (Heilbronner Stimme)

Jean-Claude MARA's name warrants a multicoloured tone and melodies introducing to meditation and depth, a music allowing mind to breathe. A new musical world, a magical sound, music from an other space.

Jean-Claude MARA is probably the only one, among the current panpipes performers, who doesn't imitate well known melodies. He creates his own musical language. Thanks to his great sensitivity, he is able to convey, through his music, what words are unable to say.

Jean-Claude MARA's name minds musical paints inviting to meditation and contemplation. A magnetic effect, a feeling of depth, quietness, making soul free.

Jean-Claude MARA convinces by his genius as virtuoso, composer and arranger. His sounds bring out of indifference, bring in dreaming, poetry, and phylosophy.

This unique mixture of talent has given resulted in 31 albums, and more than 800 concerts recognizing the musician and his instrument the world over.